Donate an item

SWSHS cares for artifacts and archives that help tell the stories of the people and communities of the Duwamish Peninsula.  Because these are items held in the public trust in perpetuity, it is important for us to carefully curate objects within our limited resources of space, time, and staffing.

Once an item becomes a part of a museum collection, it is considered beyond value and requires regular monitoring to make sure it is properly preserved.  If you think you have an item that contributes to the local heritage of the Duwamish Peninsula, we’d like to hear from you.

Please help us grow our collections sustainably by only donating an item through prior arrangement with our collections staff.  We take our responsibility for collections care and our legal obligations to collect within our means seriously.  To do so, we need to have your written transfer of title; without your proper signature, these objects go into limbo and cannot be exhibited or researched further.  Help us to minimize processing backlogs by calling or making an appointment with the museum manager before bringing an item for donation.

Collections appointments can be made by filling out the form below.


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