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Navigating to Alki: Early Maps of the Duwamish Peninsula 

Using historic maps, this exhibit shows the growth and development of the northern Duwamish Peninsula, from its first inhabitants until its annexation by Seattle in 1908. Exhibit to open 02/03/2018. 







Current Exhibitions


History Mystery

This corner exhibit invites visitors to investigate three historical objects that may or may not be obvious in nature when first looked upon. When lifting the cover panel, you can see if you guessed correctly and read about the historical objects. 









Welcome Home

The third phase of a 3-part exhibit series, Welcome Home discusses what the word “home” has meant to different people living on the Duwamish Peninsula. Based on oral history interviews and photographs from the society‚Äôs collection, the exhibit series “Telling Our Westside Stories” brings to life the stories of ordinary people on the Duwamish Peninsula in the decades after the Alki landing in 1851.